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Why I Hate Lady Ragnell
A four-part examination of the Lady Ragnell story.

Part I
Lady Ragnell: A summary of how it is usually told

—published in WIP Summer 1996.

Part II
Why I Hate Lady Ragnell

by Alan Irvine.
—published in WIP Summer 1996.

Part III
Conversation Concerning Our Favorite Hag: A Rebuttal
by Annie Hawkins and Marie Winger
—published in WIP Winter 1997.

Part IV
Alan Responds to the Rebuttal
by Alan Irvine
—published in WIP Winter 1997.


Special Features

Why I Hate Lady Ragnell Alan Irvine's article and the rebuttal it engendered.

The Disney Stories Debate

What Are the Rules?

Variations on Storycrafting: Thomas the Rymer