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Our Contributors

Heather Burtch
Heather is a storyteller from Canonsburg, PA. She especially likes to tell folk and fairy tales from different cultures, but has also told everything from ghost stories to historical fiction. She enjoys telling to all ages and performs for schools, community groups, churches, and anyplace where a storyteller is wanted!

Sam Yada Cannarozzi
Sam is an American born storyteller who has lived in France for over 20 years.

Harlynne Geisler
Storyteller/Editor/Author Harlynne Geisler's web pages reveal the Many hats that she wears at different times. If you want to know more about her Story Bag; A National Storytelling Newsletter, read the sample articles and find out how to enter a drawing for a free subscription. If you're curious about her books and CD, check out their pages. If you relish storytelling live, look at the pages that cover all public storytelling events worldwide, including Harlynne's shows. You can find her on-line at

Alan Irvine
Alan is a fulltime storyteller from Pittsburgh. He performs for children, teens, adults, and his stories range from folktales and ghost stories to Shakespeare and historical non-fiction. He is currently arranging for performances of David: The King with churches, synagoges, and other groups. He can be reached at (412) 521-6406.

Mike Kennelly
Mike resides in West Deer Township, PA with his wife and two children. He works in computer service sales. He’s been interested in stories since childhood, and in the last four years he’s developed a serious interest in telling. He has amateur standing, but he’s having fun.

Olivia Kerr
Olivia is a long-time fan of storytelling from western Pennsylvania. She loves hearing unusual stories in unusual settings.

Kathy Maron-Wood
Kathy is the Assistant Head of the Children's Department, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. She enjoys telling stories to families, especially those that get them to participate. Kathy plays the Appalachian dulcimer, and sings with the Balkan Women's Ensemble in Pittsburgh.

Robert Rodriguez
Robert is a semi-professional storyteller, a free-lance writer, and a disc jockey doing folk music and storytelling radio shows. He teaches and has taught high school and college. His two areas of specialization are: the history, literature and folktlore of the old west and oral literature from wonder tales to urban legends.

Roland B. Vendeland
Roland speaks and trains and entertains through story and humor. When not telling or collecting stories he also speaks and writes on career management.

Virginia L. Weeber
Virginia loves stories and loves to read. Whenever she can, she reads to her family (husband Dave, David—age 10 and Susan—age 12), travelling in the car and at home for bedtime. She works for the CCO training campus ministry staff for the colleges and universities in the tri-state area. Her main hobbies (besides reading) are running, gardening, being a soccer mom, volunteering at her children's school when she can, and being a part of a wonderful church and home Bible study.

Marie Winger
Marie is a storyteller in Lancaster, PA, a founder of the Mid-Atlantic Storytellers, and coproducer of the MAST Gathering and the 1996 National Storytelling Conference.

Clare Withers
Clare is a Children's Librarian in Pittsburgh. She has one husband, one dog, one 4 year-old daughter, and lots of books.

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