Alan Irvine: Storyteller 

Alan Irvine's Pittsburgh Walking Tours
A Unique and Personalized way to explore Pittsburgh

Explore Pittsburgh up close and personal with a walking tour designed just for you. No scripts, no locked in route - just you and Alan Irvine walking through the city, as Alan tells the tales of Pittsburgh past and present. Discover the events and people that shaped Pittsburgh, as well as the current day goings-on. We'll look at the magnificient buildings, the quirky public art, discuss the best places to eat, or whatever else intrigues you.

How Does It Work?

If you are staying downtown, Alan will meet you at your hotel. If you are staying elsewhere, Alan will meet you at the clock in Market Square. From the starting point, Alan will take you on a liesurely walk through downtown. The tour generally takes 1 and a half to 2 hours and ends back at the starting point (unless you want to end someplace else.)
   Tour groups are small - usually just one group at a time - so you can ask whatever questions you want, detour to see an intriguing building or site, even stop for a short rest.
    Alan's walking tours are simply a walk around the city with someone who loves Pittsburgh and wants to share the city with you.

Who is Alan Irvine?
Alan is a Pittsburgh storyteller and historian. He came to Pittsburgh in 1984 (just as the era of steel came to a crashing end) and fell in love with the city. He has been here ever since. As a storyteller, he has been telling stories of Pittsburgh history and people for over 25 years. Alan has also taught university courses on Pittsburgh's urban development and issues. 




How do I book a tour?
Since this a personalized service, tours are not offered on a pre-set schedule. Instead contact Alan to arrange for a tour at a time and day that fit your schedule.
Call 412-508-2077 (you will most likely need to leave a message - Alan will call back as soon as he can) or email
Since tours are but one part of Alan's storytelling, he is not always available (but will make every effort to find something that works for you.) The earlier you call, the better the chances of booking, but you can call as late as the day before and if the date is open Alan will set up the tour.
 Maximum tour group is 20 people, minimum tour is 1 person.
Cost: $15.00 per person.

Other Tours Available:
The downtown tour is the basic tour, and the best general introduction to Pittsburgh, but Alan offers walking tours of other parts of the city as well including:


last updated: March 14, 2017