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The Tain bo Cuailgne: The Cattle Raid of Cooley
Lost Love: Tales of Tragic Romance

Here There Be Dragons
The Red Dragon: Tales of King Arthur
Goldilocks and Company
Out of the Mist: Tales of Ireland        & Scotland

From Frontier to Furnace: Tales of      Western Pennsylvania History
Blood on the Moon: The French and       Indian War in Pennsylvania
Midnight Visions
The Morelandshire Tales

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Tain bo Cuailnge or The Cattle Raid of Cooley

Now available!

Listen to the beginning of the tale here: A Marital Dispute

The Tain bo Cuailnge, or, in English, The Cattle Raid of Cooley, is the great heroic epic of Celtic Ireland. It is the story of how the warrior Cuchullain must defend the kingdom of Ulster by standing alone against a great raid led by Queen Maeve of Connaught. It is a tale of battles and striving, of courage and folly, of triumph and sorrow, a tale that recreates the world of the ancient Celts like no other.

     Recommended for ages 13-adult

Lost Love 

Lost Love

The love stories that truly move us are not the happy ever after ones, but the other tales – the tragic tales of love lost, of heartache and sorrow.  These are those tales.

Tales include:

Romeo and Juliet – the classic tale of tragic love, adapted from Shakespeare’s play. Listen to an excerpt.

Tancredi – a tale of love and pride adapted from Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron.  Recorded live at Decameron Nights.

Tiverton Castle – based on a legend of a haunted castle inEngland. Recorded live at the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Festival Fringe.

Lady Anne – an original tale of a love between the living and the dead. My favorite story. Recorded live at the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Festival Fringe.
    Alan's favorite story - Available now as an MP3 download on
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     Recommended for ages 13-adult


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Here There Be Dragons


“Alan Irvine always seems to know the right story to tell…On this, his latest recording, dragons take center stage and because they are of the European variety, you can expect some truly nasty critters…very highly recommended.”

 Robert Rodriquez,

Territorial Tattler


Tales of Dragons and Dragon slayers.

Tales include:

The Lambton Worm – a traditional English legend

St. George and the Dragon – the classic dragon tale - listen to an excerpt of the tale

Nikita and the Dragon – a Russian tale of a different sort of dragon slayer

The Dragon ofRhodes – a medieval romance of dangers even greater than dragons

Leviathan – the great dragon from the Book of Job


      Recommended for ages 10-adult



The Red Dragon: Tales of King Arthur


“Irvine has a powerful, hypnotic voice that irresistibly draws listeners into the stories. He is a master at recreating the medieval world and making it come alive.”

Larry Cooperman,

School Library Journal


Tales include:

Merlin’s Prophecy – Dragons and visions concerning Uther Pendragon and the coming of Arthur

The Sword and the Stone – A land torn by war awaits the coming of a king and beholds a miraculous sign.

Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight – Sir Gawaine, the most gallant of Arthur’s knights faces temptations of many sorts in this retelling of the great Middle English poem. Listen to an excerpt.

Sir Gawaine and the Loathly Lady – a comic retelling of a favorite tale, based on the 12th century original.

            Plus! – read Alan’s infamous critique of this story and how it is often told,  
Why I Hate Lady Ragnell”  and the responses and controversy it sparked.

And then listen to Alan’s version of the story Sir Gawaine and the Loathly Lady

and see if he followed his own advice about how it should be told!


Recommended for ages 8-adult

 Want to buy The Red Dragon right now? It is available on CD Baby now! You can purchase it as a storytelling CD or  download.



Goldilocks and Company

Goldilocks and Company 

"If your kids’ favorite uncle came over to tell them bedtime stories, they might be a lot like these.”

-Marilyn McPhie

National Parenting Publications


“Irvine’s friendly, conversational style will gently invite listeners into the familiar stories and his energetic delivery is guaranteed to maintain their attention.”

Naomi Leithold

Chicago Parent


Humorous versions of traditional tales including:

Goldilocks Listen to Alan's version of this tale

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Bremen Town Musicians


How The Animals Got Their Coats – an African tale

Jobuti and the Jaguar – a Central American tale


Recommended for ages 3-8




Out of the Mist: Tales of Ireland and Scotland

Tales from the Celtic lands – traditional tales and legends, ancient myths and ghost stories


Sean O’Reilly – one of the best known Irish stories of leprechaun

Lochlan Mor – a Scottish tale of the fight for freedom from the Vikings

The Return of Ossian – perhaps the greatest of the ancient legends of Finn McCumhail. Listen to an excerpt

The Legend of Inverawe – a classic Scottish ghost story

Midher and Etain – an epic Celtic myth of love and longing

Thomas the Rhymer – a tale of art and the artist, from one ofScotland’s great ballads

Recommended for ages 8-adult



From Frontier to Furnace

 Pennsylvania History vol. 1

From Frontier to FurnaceAlan Irvine vividly recreates the events and people of western Pennsylvania’s history.

Stories include:

Old Hanna’s Town – an Indian raid at the end of the American Revolution changes the fate of a frontier town

George Clymer: Spy – an escapade from the early days of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. Have a listen to the whole story!

StogiesPennsylvania’s National Road helps shape American English

The Arsenal Guns – a dramatic public protest on the eve of the Civil War

Ben Hogan: The Wickedest Man on Earth – Not about golf, but about the wildest days ofPennsylvania’s Oil Rush

Homestead: 1892 – story of the strike that shaped the steel industry for two generations

Homestead: The Other Side – there are many sides to history; in this one, the events of the famous battle in the previous tale are retold from the point of view of the Pinkerton guards.


Recommended for ages 10-adult



Blood on the Moon:

The Southern Front of the French and Indian War

Pennsylvania History vol. 2



Blood on the Moon

The French and Indian War was one of the pivotal events of American history. It settled the question of whether North American would be English or French. It proved the forge for a new American identity among the English colonists, a training ground for a generation of American leaders, and set the stage for issues that would lead to the break betweenEngland and those colonists.  The fight for the control of  theOhio River Valley was a key part of the War. This is the story of that fight.


Listen to Alan Irvine’s account of Washinton's Mission, George Washington's embassy to the French that set the stage for the coming war.


Recommended for ages 10-adult



Midnight Visions

Midnight Visions coverAlan’s very first storytelling recording, bringing together some of his favorite ghost stories.

Tales include:

The Hitchhiker – one of the best known traditional American ghost stories.  Alan’s version is, of course, the best. Check out the full story.

Bartlett’s Tale – an original tale of justice and revenge from the old West.

“I’ve Got the Keys” – another traditional American tale, a particularly terrifying tale – listen only if you dare!

Macbeth – adapted from Shakespeare’s tale of blood and revenge

Recommended for ages 10-adult

Available as a special order CD only for $6.00 -




The Morelandshire Tales

The Morelandshire Tales. A simple, and not so cool cover that sometimes displays and sometimes does not. I'm still arguing with the computer about this one.

Journey back to a land and  town that never was, the 16th century town of Morelandshire.  Take a walk around the town with Alan as your guide, hear the latest gossip, the tales of the town's colorful collection of inhabitants and their escapades - from unfortunate tangles with the fairyfolk to the Sheriff's clumsy attempts to curry royal favor. Discover the town's off-beat history, and its ghost-filled cemetary.
A must for fans of Renaissance Festivals, comic fantasy, and imaginary places.

Enjoy The Pirate’s Gold, a tale based on an English folktale adapted to fit Morelandshire and its resident pirate crew.


Specially priced at $6.00 each.



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