Alan Irvine: Storyteller

David: The King

An Epic Tale From Storyteller Alan Irvine

What is David: The King?
The tale of King David has enthralled men and women for thousands of years. A tale of adventure and courage, treachery and intrigue, temptation, sin, and redemption, it remains as current today as when it was first lived out. David: The King brings the Bible vividly to life - exciting, accessible, and relevant to the modern world. The tale provides a powerful introduction to scripture for those who have never studied it. At the same time, it unveils new insights and connections to audiences familiar with David's role.

But David: The Kingis not simply a Bible reading or recitation, not a sermon, lecture, or play. It is a story told aloud. The core of the story is the tale related in the Books of Samuel in the Bible, but Storyteller Alan Irvine has also drawn on Biblical commentaries and scholarship, on history, archaeology, and anthropology of the times and region, as well as his own experience crafting and telling dramatic tales. The resulting story challenges audiences to see the life of this pivotal figure and his relationship with God in a striking new light.

The Stories
David: The King is an epic tale, a single story unfolding over the course of two hours. Yet it is also a series of 5 connected stories, each one of which can stand alone. Alan Irvine can present the full length story or one or more of the tales that make it up. The stories that make up David: The King are:

Prologue (length: 5 minutes) David's battle with the Philistine giant Goliath.

David and Saul(50 minutes) The conflict between David, hero of the people, and King Saul is not only the tale of David's struggle with Saul and his own conscience, but also of Saul's tragic downfall.

The King of Judah and Israel (15 minutes) Newly crowned King of Judah, David must battle against Saul's heirs and the invading Philistines to forge a new nation.

The King's Desire (20 minutes) David seizes Bathsheba, wife of one of his supporters, as his own, in defiance of the laws of Israel and God.

The Sword In the House (20 minutes) David's son Absalom rises up against him, forcing David to confront the fruit of all his sins and to consider what it truly means to be God's King.

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