Alan Irvine: Storyteller

Blood on the Moon:
The French and Indian War in Pennsylvania

A 1754 sketch of Ft. Duquesne rendered by a prisoner who was held there by the French.

In 1754, a young officer of the Virginia militia named George Washington led an attack on French forces camped just outside present-day Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The attack ignited a world-wide war between France and England. Through it all, the Pennsylvania frontier remained a critical battleground, for
whoever ended up in control of the Forks of the OhioŚmodern-day PittsburghŚwould control the vast interior of North America.

In Blood on the Moon, storyteller Alan Irvine recreates the people and places and events of the war. March with George Washington through the dense forests of the frontier. Thrill to the crack of the muskets. Feel the fear as a crucial battle collapses into chaos and panic. Push through the mountain wilderness in a desperate race to reach the prize.

In Alan's tale, the war unfolds around you - a grand adventure story, filled with unforgettable characters, moments of fear and loss, flashes of humor, and all as it actually happened.

"[Alan] Your presentation of 'Blood on the Moon' brought a superb mix of historical fact, new insights, and attention-holding entertainment to our program."
--Huntington County Historical Society and Currents of the Juniata Valley

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